Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Benched/24 Hour Day...and Gym

Apparently I need to get better about writing something when I have an idea...I've now benched two posts because they no longer seem to fit.

BUT, I can tell you about my day...which is slightly more comical than what I had been writing.

So, last night was one of my overnight of the days I work that shift always ends up in being a 24 hour or longer day for me. Before work was family drama (we can skip over that though) then got to work and after I finished my book I was hand writing a blog that was to later be posted. In the middle of my writing my hands had started tingling and hurt too bad to finish (another reason it's not being posted, my "flow" was interrupted). I'm having some serious issues accepting this whole neuropathy idea, it sucks. So, having to stop writing immediately propelled me into a pretty bad frame of mind. THEN I took more of my medication which made me even more out of it.

It's my job to be nice to people, it suits me fairly well because from what I hear, I'm a pretty nice person. Which means I don't generally have to work too hard. Around the time my medication kicked in was when members started coming in in the morning. There's this one member and I always say goodbye to him prematurely and always feel bad. So this morning I used my incredible observation skills to bring up he frequently comes in in the morning with a Michigan beanie. Trying to be as friendly as possible, I mention the hat and ask if he's a Michigan fan (because if if you're smart, you would be) and he snaps back that it's not a Michigan hat and walks away. This medication makes me really out of it, then in addition I was exhausted and incredibly frustrated with my hand/leg tingly situation...I started to cry. Over a rude grumpy old man and a hat. Awesome. Not real tears streaming down my face...but tears were in my eyes.

Then I head to class feeling like I was on the moon (the medication). I'm pretty sure I was getting some stares on the train, but it's not all that unusual...for whatever reason, I think I'm pretty normal looking. I sat in class only to have my teacher laugh at me most of the morning as she was trying to lecture because my eyes were wandering all over and I kept nodding off. At least I brought some comic relief to the classroom?

On my way back to the train station to head home I had a lovely interaction with an SF cop. He pulled up beside the sidewalk as I was walking, yelled my name out his window and started talking to me. It was pretty funny, I can't recall his name, but he stopped me as he was patrolling (I think that's what it's called) a street protest that I walked by to get to my class and we spoke briefly...three or so weeks ago. I then proceeded walking and he pulled over the car again haha. Funny, funny.

Then I came home and slept after being up for 24 hours. Whilst I was still asleep I had a whole conversation with my mother about robots and my current activity (which had been getting ready to go out, duh). Then I had a nice dinner...which has shot my sugars up to 308...ugh, 30 mins ago they were 150 or something.

Not an exciting blog, by any means, but that was my Tuesday :)  ...because I know you cared

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