Friday, October 23, 2009

Do You Have What It Takes? My Dr Thinks I Do, Woo Hoo!

So, while I don't know exactly what the insurance companies think is "enough" to qualify for a CGMS, I've been told I've got it. While my endo is not my insurance company, it's a good sign! Glad to see my lows are getting me something. There's some saying about there's always some good to be seen in every bad/negative situation...right?

My 2 hour endo appointment yesterday brought more than the CGMS news, it also included:

- A 1 hour wait for my doctor b/c the patient before me couldn't figure out how to adjust his insulin shots to CST from PST. Thankfully, they got it all figured out. The other reason was that her husband was late, her nanny didn't know where to go and her sister was her kids couldn't get to where they needed to be, so she was dealing with family drama. I felt bad, that had to be incredibly frustrating for her...I'm just happy I brought a book!

- New medication!!!! Who wouldn't be excited about that, right? Yep, I'm 23 and taking cholesterol medication. So, now, not only do the majority of the diabetes commercials with senior citizens not represent me, the cholesterol med commercials don't either. It's not a big deal, and sort of just makes me feel old.

- More medication!!! Even MORE exciting than a new medication! I'm "weaning" myself onto Neurontin. Last night I moved up from 300mg to 600mg. Within an hour of taking it I felt drunk, drowsy and incredibly out of it. The nice thing about it was I slept like a rock. Neurontin is a pretty standard treatment for diabetic neuropathy, from what I understand, but reading about it's other uses is pretty funny. Wikipedia lays it out also helps alcoholics, meth and coke addicts break their addictions and prevents seizures. Perhaps this means I'm being protected from a drug and alcohol addiction and ever having a seizure? Yes? Maybe?

- Some changes in my basal rates and a discussion about needing to change my schedule. Hopefully the slight changes will help until my schedule gets worked out. :)

- An approval (not that I needed one, but it was nice to know her thoughts) on trying to get into a nursing program. She thinks it's a great if only I could get my family to approve the idea...

- A 2 hour drive home. Bay Area traffic sucks.

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